Modern mirror design
Naked is a full-length mirror that fits seamlessly into your daily routine without compromising on looks or performance.

Naked is designed to be efficient, elegant, and user-friendly.
Wireless Charging
In need of a charge? Just push the turntable against the base.

Naked’s turntable lasts the average user about two months between charging sessions.
Game-changing scale
Naked’s unique turntable doubles as a scale.

Because our weight sensors are internal instead of external, the scale works on carpet as well as hard flooring.
Intelligent Feedback
Naked’s LED Ring is designed for an intuitive user experience.

Features include: auto-user recognition, scan count-down, low battery alert, product updates, and more.
Space Saving wall-lean
There’s nothing more precious than bedroom or bathroom real estate.

Naked comes equipped with a handy toggle on the back panel to ensure the appropriate scanning angle.