Quantcast Naked | FAQs


What is Naked?

Naked is the world’s first 3D body scanner for your home. It helps visualize your body’s progress, empowering you to live a healthier life.

How does Naked scan me?

Naked uses Intel® RealSense™ Technology to create your body model. The sensors use infrared light in a manner similar to an XBox Kinnect or your TV remote control.

How does Naked calculate body fat percentage?

Naked calculates body fat percentage using the volume from your scan and your weight; it’s essentially a virtual hydrostatic (dunk tank) test.  Naked is +/-2.5% accurate on body fat measurements.

How does Naked compare to other body fat measurement methods?

Traditional bioimpedance scales are typically +/-8% accurate and are especially susceptible to things like skin conductivity and changes in hydration.  DEXA, considered the gold standard, uses X-Ray to measure body composition within 1% accuracy.  Hydrostatic weighing uses displaced water, and Bodpod uses displaced air to measure your body volume, getting approximately +/- 1.5% percent accuracy.  Naked similarly relies on body volume and weight to calculate body fat with +/- 2.5% accuracy.

How accurate are the 3D body models?

Naked has a depth map accuracy of a 1/10 of an inch.

Is there any way to get scanned now?

Our current customers are able to reserve spots to get scanned at our HQ in Redwood City, CA. If you are interested in learning more, please email beta@naked.fit.

How is Naked powered?

The mirror is connected to wall power. The scale/turntable is powered via USB-C charging to the base of the mirror. The turntable will last the typical user two months between charges.

What is included with Naked?

A full length mirror with body scanning capabilities, a scale/turntable, and a downloadable smartphone app.

What operating systems does the App work on?

iPhone and Android operating systems. The Naked app will be configured for tablets as well as cellular devices.

Can I use Naked without a smartphone or tablet?

No. A smartphone or tablet is required to display all of your information.

Can I get a different color mirror or turntable?

Right now Naked only comes with a matte black finish, but please feel free to contact us at info@naked.fit or tweet us @naked_labs with colors you would like to see in the future.

Can I learn more about how Naked works?

Absolutely! We have a video here where we show you the technology inside Naked and explain in greater detail how Naked works.

Can I see a live scan demo?

Sure thing! You can find a live demo here with former major league baseball player Brett Jackson and a beta testimonial/demo of the side-by-side comparison feature here.

Our current customers are able to reserve spots to get scanned at our HQ in Redwood City, CA. If you are interested in learning more, please email beta@naked.fit.

Is there a weight limit?

Naked’s turntable can measure weights up to 330 lbs.

Is there a height limit?

Naked can scan individuals up to 6’6″.

Can a Naked device be used by multiple people?

Yes, each pre-order device can sync with up to six full accounts distributed on up to a maximum of six phones i.e. it’s possible to have one phone with six accounts or up to six phones, each with one account. You are welcome to give a test scan to as many friends as you’d like.

Naked devices purchased once we reach general availability will come with three full accounts and unlimited one-off scans.

Do I have to be naked to be scanned?

No, you can wear whatever you are comfortable with, but for best results, we recommend underwear or compression shorts for men. Women can wear underwear or spandex and bra. Whatever is exposed is measured.

How often should I scan myself?

In order to capture changes in your body, we recommend getting scanned once a week. That being said, the more that you get scanned, the more insights we can provide you about your body.

Can I be a beta tester?

We aren’t accepting applications for additional beta testers at this time.

I own a gym/health clinic. Can I use Naked with all my clients?

Naked is designed for home use, and as such, there is a 6 user limit per pre-ordered device.  You can do unlimited one-off scans and export the data, but you will not be able to create more than 6 accounts to track users over time.

If you are interested in learning about a potential commercial model, please send an email to gym@naked.fit, and we’ll get in touch when we are able to share more.

What happens to my data?

Your scan data is stored securely on our cloud servers. Users can delete their data at any time. Your scan data will not be shared with anyone unless you share it yourself.  You can opt in to share your raw scan data with our engineering team to help improve Naked.

Does Naked take or store pictures of my body?

Naked does not take pictures of your body; our sensors only capture 3D depth maps which are used to form your body model. Additionally, Naked is not like a TSA scanner; it will not see through any clothes you are wearing, so if you are wearing leggings or underwear, your scan will reflect that.

How is my data secured?

At Naked Labs, we take your privacy and the security of your data very seriously. Our privacy and security standards are based on industry best practices.


What is Naked Labs' Privacy Policy?

We pledge to respect your privacy, to be transparent about our data practices, to keep your data safe, to never sell your personal contact information, to let you decide how your information is shared, and to only collect anonymized data that helps us track trends and improve our products and services.

How much does it cost?

Naked is currently priced at $1,395. To hold your reservation for a Naked at this price, pre-order today with a deposit of $250. The remaining balance will be due when Naked ships. Our price has increased at regular intervals since we began accepting pre-orders, and it currently sits at $1,395.

Your price isn’t what I thought it was. What’s up?

Naked launched in April 2016, and since then we’ve had four price increases that were advertised on our website and Facebook page/ads. The $499 price started on our April 14 launch day and lasted until May 15th. The $599 price lasted until the 5th of July. The $699 price lasted until May 1st, 2017. We increased our price from $799 to $899 on November 29th. We are currently offering special introductory pricing of $1,395 in anticipation of beginning shipping to our pre-order customers. We will continue to accept pre-orders until we are generally available in Winter 2018.

I have questions about my order. Who can I contact?

You can email support@naked.fit with any questions related to your order.

Do you have a referral program?

For customers who ordered before 3/23/17, we will continue to honor the referral program, but all new referrals will be tracked manually moving forward.  In the event that you do refer someone, please email support@naked.fit with the name of the person who purchased so that we can ensure that both of you receive your $50 discount.

For customers who ordered on or after 3/23/17, your order was processed using Shopify, as our previous payments platform was acquired by Airbnb.  Because Shopify doesn’t support referrals for our use case, we will be continuing the program only by request. If you would like to participate, please email support@naked.fit so we can generate a custom referral code for you to share. This code will confer a $50 discount to anyone who uses it, and you will receive $50 for everyone who purchases a Naked using your code, just like the original program.

Please note: Canceled or returned referrals will not count toward your total. Referral credits will be applied approximately 60 days after the shipment of each device.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do!  If you are interested in participating, please email us at partnerships@naked.fit to get started.

Our affiliate program will set you up with a custom discount code that will confer a $50 discount to anyone who uses it to reserve Naked.  You’ll receive $50 per referred order.  Once you contact us, you will receive an email with the complete details of the program!

When will I be charged?

When you make your deposit, which will be processed immediately, you agree to Naked Labs’ Terms and Conditions.

We will not automatically charge your card. When Naked is ready to ship, every customer will receive a unique link to a Shopify checkout flow that will take into account the deposit and any relevant discounts or referrals.

At that time, customers will be able to enter new payment info, billing info, and shipping info in order to ensure everything is correct and up to date.

Do you store my credit card number and other details?

No, we do not store your credit card number. We have partnered with a service provider that has been authorized to process credit card payments. Your credit card details are sent directly to this partner and never pass through our servers.

We will never charge your credit card without your express authorization.

I’d like a refund. Anything special I should know?

Because we have set aside your $95 deposit and will not touch it until your Naked ships, we are able to process a refund for you at any time. If you are considering canceling your order, please keep in mind that Naked will not be available at your discounted pre-order price again (final price will be $999). Additionally, there are certain benefits (including the number of accounts linked to your device) that our pre-order customers are entitled to that will not be included for purchases made once we are generally available.

If you’d still like a refund of your Naked deposit, please email support@naked.fit.

What is your return policy?

You can cancel your order and receive a full refund of your deposit at any point until we ship.

After we ship, if you are not satisfied with Naked, you can return the device within 30 days for a full refund (although we are not able to cover return shipping costs).

When can I expect to receive my order?

We will start shipping the first pre-orders in June 2018.  All of our pre-orders will be fulfilled over the following 5 months according to when they were placed.

Orders placed now will ship in Winter 2018.

Why has your shipping timeline changed?

Creating a product like Naked that has never existed before is difficult. There have been challenges in the engineering front regarding the core technology of Naked, the depth sensors. We also encountered difficulty finding a manufacturer with the necessary experience in 3D scanning technology, high performance computing, and mechanically complex rotary parts.

Both of these issues have been addressed, our sensors updated and manufacturer selected, and we are now entering the final pre-production phase.

When will Naked be available in my country?

Right now, we are only accepting orders from the United States.  Please sign up for our international product updates to receive information about further international availability in the future.

I need to update my shipping or billing information.

We will write you to collect your address and preferred payment method when Naked is beginning to ship. We want to be sure we have your current address and payment details when the time comes. We will never automatically process your card.

You may request a full refund any time before your Naked ships, even after you submit your final payment.

What kind of warranty is included?

Naked comes with a limited one year manufacturer’s warranty. Please see Warranties and Returns for further details.